Thursday, October 26, 2006

Clarke QuayThis picture is in Clarke Quay. I thought the statues that look like ragedy dolls were funny and cute...Took this picture at 2am with the self timer...


The famous Orchard Road...
This place is packed with Mall, after Mall, after Mall..and many, many people..


After 4 days in Singapore, I was tired of the same food options... These are the food selections of just one of the many places to eat in Singapore. However, the food options are extremely similar almost everywhere you go.
I got the fried rice with eggs shown in the lower left hand corner of the picture above for $3 USD.
Above is the real life version of my tasty food selection!!


Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Fun and quirky Singaporean things...

You don't fall on the train tracks because the tracks are protected by glass doors.

If you live in New York then you would appreciate that the doors of the train always open in the same place on the platform, therefore you know where to stand in order to give space to the people getting on and off the train.I don't get these bathroom toilets... They are squatters with grips on the side so you don't slip while you pee...very interesting...
I love this Adidas ad.

Recycling in Singapore, very accessible...
These red little kids kind of scared me because they are naked and red... I think it's also because they look like they are laughing at me...

Parking lots tell you how many parking spots are left and in what section.
I love this place...


"Impossible Is Nothing"

The Esplanade and The Merlion....The Esplanade is the name of the theater in Singapore. It is a huge architectural structure with two main domes which are covered in tiny little spikes. The domes are said to resemble Durian, a fruit native to southeast asia which has characteristic spikes on its outer shell. It was built to be energy effecient in terms of lighting and air conditioning. It sits right on the water. The Esplanade from my hotel.
Standing in front of the Esplanade...

The Merlion. I am in love with the Merlion because of what it stands for. The Merlion has the head of a lion and the body of a fish. They name comes from mermaid and lion.

My favorite part of the poem....

"I have sailed many waters,
Skirted islands of fire......."

"...travelled, travelled and travelled,
Suffering much,enjoying a little;
Met strange people singing
New myths; made myths myself..."

"Nothing, nothing in my days
Foreshadowed this
This powerful creature of land and sea.

Peoples settled here,
Brought to this Island
The bounty of the seas,
Built towers topless as llium's.

They make, they serve,
They buy, they sell,
Despite unequal ways,
Together they mutate,
Explore the edges of harmony,
Search for a centre;
Have changed their Gods,
Kept some memory of their race
In prayer, laughter, the way
Their women dress and greet.
They hold the bright, the beautiful,
Good ancestral dreams
Within new visions,
So shining, urgent,
Full of what is now."

by Edwin Thumboo

More pictures of Fort Canning Park...sin
This is where the wall of tombstones begins...

The door to the fort

The battle box. A bunker located 9 meters underground. It was the latest military operation in Singapore and part of the Malaya Command during WWII.

Excavation sight in Fort Canning Park where brick foundations, pottery and coins were found that shows that thier royal ancestors were buried on this site.

The Keramat

More Botanical Garden pictures.... The entrance to the Botanical Garden.
The Botanical Lake....The two young girls above had their school uniforms on. They were so funny to me because I could hear them making phone calls pretending to be their respective moms' in order to skip school.
The Orchid Garden, Singapore
The Orchid Garden, Singapore
The Orchid Garden, Singapore
I loved this flower above because it felt and looked like a cotton ball.
On my way out. I found this cave/waterfall...

Some more daytime pictures in Malaysia....
Fran and I....
The Petronas during the day time.

Old railroad station


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Boat Quay... In the night time this place lights up and it just a nice hangout spot for drinks.

These are all tombstones of people that fought for the island in the 1820's to 1840's. All the tombstones say wher ethey were from. I even found a spaniard there. I haven't seen one Spanish or Hispanic person here, so I was excited about seeing that.
The National Singapore Museum where I saw the Cartier exhibit. Cartier was the first person to see a diamond for over 1 million dollars. That piece of Jewelry was given to non other than Elizabeth Taylor.

Another fun fact, most of the richest families in the world had their own precious stones and they would go to Cartier with the idea of what they wanted done with their own jewels and Cartier would only charged for craftmenship.

The Spice Garden...Fort Canning Park has a Culinary school and has a spice garden right there on the park. They work in conjunction with Johnson and Wales University.
They had many different spices. I just took a picture of the cloves. I also saw mint leaves and cinnamon.

Fort Canning Park...These two copulas are original from the beginning of time and have been kept there. The highest point of the island was Fort Canning and from where I am you were able to see the entire island. This is not the case anymore as the trees and all the big buildings don't let you see the water that surrounds the island. I also can't help but think about how small these people were. I barely fit in the copula.

Enid P. "History will tell you what experience hasn't"