Thursday, November 09, 2006


This is the largest fountain in the world located in the Suntec City Mall. The fountain structure is made of bronze, and consists of a circular ring supported on four large slanted columns. The Suntec City design has 5 buildings surrounding the fountain that represent the fingers and thumb of a left hand emerging from the ground, the fountain forms the palm of the hand.
The circular ring top of the fountain is visible at ground level. The water pours inward.

During certain periods of the day, the fountain is turned off and visitors are invited to walk around a mini fountain at the center of the fountain's base. I went to The Fountain of Wealth one the evening, and it was turned off. So, this was my only chance to go around the mini fountain three times make a wish.This is me at the base of the fountain after I made my wish.The ring shoots water inwards into the reservoir below while at the heart of the fountain, water shoots up to 30 metres into the air. According to feng shui experts (Chinese geomancers), the water flowing inwards represents riches pouring in.ENID P. "Always believe and your wishes will come true"


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