Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Hong Kong... This place is so very kool!! I took the Express from HONG Kong International Airport to the middle of Hong Kong and it took me exactly 26 minutes to get there. It is the equivalent of Times Square in NY. However you must trust me when I say that you could never get to Times Square from any NYC airport in 26 minutes.

The HSBC Headquarters Building. It is an urban legend that the building's design enables it to be dismantled and moved, in case there is any possibility of a disrupted handover to the People's Republic of China.
The building doesn't have elevators as the primary carrier of traffic. The elevators stop at very few floors, and the floors are interconnected by escalators. Natural sunlight is the major source of lighting inside the building. There is a bank of giant mirrors at the top of the atrium which can reflects natural sunlight into the atrium and the building. This design helps to conserve energy. Also, the building uses sea water instead of fresh water for toilet flushing and as a coolant for the air-conditioning system.
Me at the foot of the HSBC building.

The Bank of China Tower...Hong Kong's best-known building is Ieoh Ming Pei's Bank of China Tower. It is Hong Kong's third tallest skyscraper. The building attracted heated controversy from the start, as its sharp angles were said to cast negative feng shui energy into the heart of Hong Kong. Behind me is the tallest building in Hong Kong named Two International Finance Centre.



At 5:41 PM, Blogger Sarah said...

that tall building looks like a bullet, it's cool

p.s: i really like the grey dress you're wearing


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